Born in Chicago

As the marketplace evolved and consolidated

FCT’s business model capitalized its position internationally

01. private equity
02. venture capital
03. hedge fund investments
04. real estate

About Us

Established in
1984 as a Chicago local market making firm

the FCT Group of Companies has grown into a globally recognized investment firm with offices in Chicago, London and Singapore. FCT Group, LLC is a past clearing member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and LCH Clearnet, London. Individual group companies have been members of all major worldwide derivatives exchanges including the CME, EUREX, the Hong Kong Futures Exchange, MATIF, SGX and have been regulated by the CFTC, SEC, FCA, MAS, and FSC among others.

FCT was founded in 1984 and
operates under a single vision:
Moving fast to create value.

Our Group operates in markets where it can add value.

We apply the best people for the job at hand and we settle for nothing less than excellence, which is why we work with people of the highest calibre. This allows us to develop new ideas while never losing sight of practical constraints. The Group has developed a unique approach to business that enables it to move faster and more effectively than the rest of the field.

The Group avoids multiple tiers of bureaucracy

ensuring that being large does not constrain its ability to act swiftly

We are currently active in the following countries